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This is just scratching the surface of many game changers who are impacting myself, and many other peoples lives. I hope you find inspiration, education, and joy from these recommendations!


Book Recs

Stop Surviving Start Fighting & Letters to You - Jazz Thornton

A hard-hitting, thought-provoking account of surviving suicide attempts and moving on to a better life, which provides practical help and inspiration to anyone affected by depression or suicide. Jazz Thornton first attempted to take her own life at the age of 12.


This book was designed to be read not just once, or in order, letter by letter, but to be used again and again as a tool when you encounter difficult emotions and experiences, to help you feel less alone.

Why Has Nobody Told Me This Before? - Dr. Julie Smith

From managing anxiety, dealing with criticism or battling low mood, to building self-confidence, finding motivation or learning to forgive yourself, this book tackles the everyday issues that affect us all and offers easy, practical solutions that might just change your life.


My Anxious Mind: A Teen's Guide to Managing Anxiety & Panic - Michael Tompkins

My Anxious Mind helps teens take control of their anxious feelings by providing cognitive behavioral strategies to tackle anxiety head-on and to feel more confident and empowered in the process. It also offers ways for teens with anxiety to improve their inter-personal skills, manage stress; handle panic attacks; use diet and exercise appropriately; and decide whether medication is right for them.


The Explosive Child - Dr. Ross Greene

A groundbreaking approach to understanding and parenting children who frequently exhibit severe fits of temper and other intractable behaviours, from a distinguished clinician and pioneer in this field, now updated to include the most recent research. 


How to Talk So Your Teens Will Listen &  Listen So Teens Will Talk - Adele Faber & Elaine Mazlish

Filled with straightforward advice and written in their trademark, down-to-earth style sure to appeal to both parents and teens, this all-new volume offers both innovative, easy-to-implement suggestions and proven techniques to build the foundation for lasting relationships. From curfews and cliques to sex and drugs, it gives parents the tools to help their children safely navigate the often stormy years of adolescence. (There is a child version as well)


Ready or Not: Preparing Our Kids to Thrive in an Uncertain & Rapidly Changing World - Madeline Levine

Levine identifies the skills that children need to succeed in a tumultuous future: adaptability, mental agility, curiosity, collaboration, tolerance for failure, resilience, and optimism. Most important, Levine offers day-to-day solutions parents can use to raise kids who are prepared, enthusiastic, and ready to face an unknown future with confidence and optimism.


The Gift of Therapy - Irvin Yalom

This book is an open letter to a new generation of therapists and their patients. A book aimed at enriching the therapeutic process for a new generation of patients and counselors, Yalom’s Gift of Therapy is an entertaining, informative, and insightful read for anyone with an interest in the subject.


The Teenage Brain- Amy Ellis Nutt & Frances E Jensen

Renowned neurologist Dr. Frances E. Jensen offers a revolutionary look at the brains of teenagers, dispelling myths and offering practical advice for teens, parents and teachers.


What To Do When You Worry Too Much - Dawn Huebner

This book is one in a series of books that can be helpful for school aged children with different mental health challenges.


Ask For It - Linda Babcock

How women can use the power of negotiation to get what they really want. This book is a guided step-by-step, you’ll learn how to draw on your special strengths to reach agreements that benefit everyone involved. This collaborative, problem-solving approach will propel you to new places both professionally and personally—and open doors you thought were closed.

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