Lindsay is most known for helping young people through her social media, public speaking, programs and work as a licensed therapist. She has been featured in media like The Today Show, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, and more. At her practice she focuses on ADHD, Anxiety,  life transitions, & more. Lindsay's knowledge and engaging personality leaves you empowered to start putting your mental health first. 


Social Media

How did Lindsay end up on social media?


In Lindsay fashion while volunteer coaching in her community Lindsay noticed her athletes and others struggled with confidence and were often anxious. She created and developed a leadership workshop to fill the mental health need. Throughout the workshop the girls asked Lindsay to download & post on Tiktok, which Lindsay was resistant to join.


Lindsay had to cancel the workshop due to covid-19. She received many messages for the girls saying how they were struggling and missed the group. Lindsay decided to create a Tiktok account as a way to support her girls and the community. Quickly Lindsay grew a community of over 500K on social media.


Professional Summary


University of Iowa

Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with a minor in Human Relations

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology

Master's Degree in Counseling Psychology 

License Professional Counselor

 Lurie Children's Hospital 

Inpatient Psychiatric Unit & Partial Hospitalization Program

Working in intensive treatment for ages 4-18 at one of the best children's hospital in the U.S. in the heart of Chicago, IL 

 Private Practice 

Interned and worked at a variety of private practices in the Northshore area of IL.  Working with Anxiety, ADHD, Autism, and explosive behavior. 

 Non-Profit & Volunteer Work 

Baby Spirit Foundation

Co-founder of a non-profit that focuses on providing families who experience a miscarriage and infant loss with funeral services and emotional support. Learn more

Park Ridge Competitive Cheer, Director & Coach

Coaching a top youth cheer team while holding a variety of positions including director and program manager. Following her first on the board Lindsay grew the program by double. 

 Main Street Counseling Solutions 

Owns and operates her private practice where she treats clients, oversees clinicians and staff while developing programs and education for the community. 

 Speaking & Partnerships 

Speaking to students, schools, companies, groups of parents, etc Lindsay individualizes all of her events to best fit the needs of her audience. Lindsay and her business partner also provide trainings for companies and schools. 

Lindsay partners with companies who are passionate in advocating for mental health.


My Story

Lindsay's father is an Irish-immigrant who moved to the U.S. in his late 20's and met her mother. Lindsay was raised in the Chicagoland area with her younger brother and sister. Lindsay is a proud first generation college graduate. Lindsay is also proud of her brother who served in the U.S. Marine Corps, Infantry, at 18 years old. 

Lindsay struggled with  Dyslexia, Anxiety, and ADHD throughout her life. She recognizes the impact early intervention had on her when it came to dyslexia. She also knows the impact of going undiagnosed with a mental health condition can have. Lindsay was diagnosed with ADHD while in graduate school. Therapy and insight helped Lindsay build her confidence and become the successful business women, therapist, and advocate today.

Becoming a therapist had changed Lindsay's understanding of the world and what we need. Like all of us there are many depths to Lindsay's story and she looks forward to the opportunity of sharing her story and education with you.

Come baby-step your way through understanding MENTAL HEALTH with her!


Future Plans

"My future plans are to continue providing my wonderful online community tangible resources for their mental health, of course with a side of humor. I plan on continuing to join different spaces (schools, business, brands, small groups, etc.) to help spread understanding of mental health. My goal is simply to use my privilege and platform to provide and advocate for mental health education, understanding, and access to treatment. To be transparent I have also been practicing what I preach and have focused on stepping away from "hustle" culture and people pleasing to live a more balanced lifestyle. This process, like many I have experienced throughout my journey personally and professionally, has been life changing.


The most exciting thing for my future is finding more opportunities to help you, and others, free yourselves from societal norms/pressure, stigma, and lack of access/education and start your own mental health journey. When we take care of our mind we take care of our soul, achieving a happier, more authentic life."

-Lindsay Fleming, LPC