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The Inspiration
for this workshop...

I coach a middle school competitive cheer team. While coaching I noticed how many of my athletes had the talent, coping skills and social support to be confident but struggled with overthinking, negative self-talk and fixed mindset. This made me focus my coaching on growing their mental strength and resilience. Watching the change in my athletes inspired me to bring this off the cheer mat and into my office. Working in a variety of leadership roles (coaching, co-founding a business, co-founding a nonprofit, public speaking and growing a following) and wanting to empower girls to dream big I created the Leadership Workshop for Middle School Girls. Pulling together building confidence and teaching the leadership skills that got me where I am today.

Leadership Workshop

July 10th - August 14th | Wednesday's 12:45pm - 2pm

This 6 week workshop will be broken into two parts:

Pt. 1: learning and group discussion on topics like...

  • Confidence

  • Friendships

  • School Stress

  • Social Media

  • Conflict Resolution & Modeling Leadership

  • Coping Skills & Self Talk


Pt 2: Project Work

The girls will work together to create a philanthropy project. This project will help them gain leadership skills and give back to the community. This project will be 100% theirs and my role will be there to guide them with executing their plan!

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