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Harvard Creator Summit

The Harvard School of Public Health selected an exclusive group of 25 leading mental-health creators to engage directly with public health experts and clinicians at Harvard and beyond. It continues to connects them with cutting-edge research, emerging policy ideas, and critical new resources in public health. Lindsay was one of the 25 selected. 

The Summit

Lindsay participated in 6 online summits and 1 in-person weekend summit during 2023. Below are Toolkits created to share with you what was discussed. During the in-person meet up Lindsay was able to collaborate and learn from leading organizations in the mental health space. Information regarding those organizations can be found at the bottom of this page.  

The summits impact has been featured in The New York Times, The Today Show, The Harvard Gazette & The Harvard Chan School Paper

Harvard x Lindsay

Lindsay as been asked to continue her participation in the Harvard creator summit as it grows its resources and impact throughout 2024.  


Additionally Lindsay will be working with The Harvard Center for Digital Thriving. It is a research and innovation center based at the Harvard Graduate School of Education. It's mission is to create knowledge and research-based resources that help people – especially youth – thrive in a tech-filled world.

Explore the summit toolkits from our discussions with leading mental health professors and researchers, collaborating organizations and related resources


The Science Behind the Mind-Body Link


Social Media & Well-being


Harvard Center for Digital Thriving


The Evidence for Mindfulness


Connecting People to the Help they Need


Carson Daly & Harvard Mental Health Panel

Kicking The Stigma

Kicking the Stigma


How Trauma Spans Generations


The Truth Behind Climate Grief

Project Healthy Minds

Project Healthy Minds


Tax Credit for Families Boosts Mental Health


Visual Misinformation & Interpreting Research

Learn About the Other Creators

The Creators


The Corrosive Effect of Bias & Discrimination

Harvard Creator Summit

From Top Social Media Creators

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