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Social Media & Mental Health

Do you want to understand social media better?

Do you feel stuck when it comes to understanding setting limits with screen time?

Do you worry how social media is impacting your teens mental health?


Then this workshop is for you! 


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Lindsay has brought her storytelling and professional expertise to the speaking stage. She has spoken at schools, to sports teams, businesses, community groups and more. She tailors each speech to fit the needs of the audience. You will leave her talk with tangible tools on how you can start bettering your mental health, and why you should. 

Lindsay will be giving a Tedx Talk on Investing in Your Mental Health April 2023

Get in touch with Lindsay today.

Speaking Topics

Mental Health & Social Media

- Benefits & Costs

- Best Practice 

- Tips & Tricks

Understanding Mental Health

- Let's start with the basics

- What is mental health

- Why does it matter 

- What can we do to improve ours

Youth Mental Health Crisis

- What is the youth mental health crisis

- What therapists need to know 

- Options for prevention work

Connection & Rapport Building

- The importance of rapport building 

- Building connection online vs in-person

- How to build connection

In the digital world we live in there is no avoiding the online space. Lindsay tailors this talk to the audience she is speaking with i.e., teens, parents, businesses, therapist, etc. She provides you with research on the benefits and costs of mental health. She also discusses her own experience as an influencer and as a therapist treating teens and young adults who constantly are connected through their socials. 

We often do not learn about mental health unless we make the choice to go to therapy or are in crisis ourselves. The truth is we all have mental health. Mental health is health. Throughout this talk Lindsay breaks down what mental health is and how it impacts all aspects of our life. She will share about her own struggles with mental health and inspire you to start putting your mental first. You will leave the talk with actionable steps to start your mental health journey.  

Lindsay tailors this talk to fit the audience's needs. She provides education on the mental health crisis that is impacting our youth. She shares the importance of prevention work and what we can do to stop this crisis. 5 years as a therapist, a private practice owner, and a social media influencer, all during the pandemic Lindsay brings a unique perspective on how we can stop this crisis.

Lindsay's strength as a therapist is her ability to connect with her clients and create a safe space for each o them. This strength was also the foundation of her ability to grow her social media following to over 550K. Throughout this talk she discusses how she is able to create these authentic connections and provides you with step-by-step skills 


Book Lindsay


Following the pandemic and a world that continues to feel uncertain now is the time to invest in mental health education and support. 


Lindsay works with companies, brands, schools, small business, and more on bettering their mental health support. She works with you through an individualized plan to fit your specific needs. She has helped companies share mental health stories during mental health awareness month. She has helped sports teams create mental health programing. She has created educational series on specific mental health topics. She will always include a piece on preventative work throughout the consultation. When you know how to help your team strength their mental health you will watch your team thrive!

Lindsay is also available for consult on starting a private therapy practice. 


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