Meet Lindsay

Lindsay is widely regarded as one of the trailblazers in modern mental health prevention and de-stigmatization work. She is a licensed therapist, private practice owner, keynote speaker, podcast host, non-profit co-founder, and content creator who is not afraid to share about her own struggles with mental health. 

Lindsay educates people on what mental health is, why we all need to pay attention to it,  how to get help, and reminds us all we deserve to feel better.  She is an authentic and engaging storyteller. She utilizes her professional background and relatability to help you begin creating lasting change in your life. Her work online has a created a community of over half a million followers, where she shares her insight on ADHD, de-stigmatizing therapy, mental health & media, 

Professional Work

M.A. in Counseling Psychology from TCSPP | Licensed Professional Counselor | B.A. in Psychology, Minor in Human Relations from The University of Iowa

Clinical Work

Private Practice 

Co-Founder of Main Street Counseling

Opened the practice in 2019 and have grown to have 7 therapist and 2 interns. Managing and growing the practice while helping the community through these difficult times. 


Individual therapist for children, teens, & young adults with Anxiety, ADHD, & behavioral issues.

Create & run groups for middle school girls on self-esteem and leadership. 

Create and lead trainings &  education for therapists.

Prevention Work


Sponsored content on my socials with companies I believe can benefit my community. 


Create & lead mental health workshops

Loyola University

Completing the course: 

Prevention, Advocacy, & Outreach: Community-Based Interventions

Lurie's Children's Hospital 

Milieu Therapist 

Inpatient psychiatric unit

& Partial hospitalization program

Volunteer Work

Content Creation

Tiktok & Instagram

Creating and posting free engaging mental health information to help de-stigmatize mental health and provide people the confidence to ask for help. Changing the way we talk about mental health one video at a time!

Baby Spirit Foundation

Vice President

Co-founded and current Vice President of The Baby Spirit Foundation. A non-profit that provides emotional support, funeral services, & education to families who have experienced a miscarriage or infant loss.



Each year I volunteer my time to speak to teams and community-based programs 


Program Director & Coach

Competitive Cheerleading

Grew program from 63 participants to 173 within 2 years. 

Coached a state winning middle school girls cheer team. 

Speaking & Consulting

Schools & Teams


Middle Schools & High Schools

Graduate Classes

 Sports Teams


Graduate School's Social Media Team

Sports Teams on Mental Strength

Sports Program on Incorporating Mental Health

Sports Programs on improving retention of athletes



Community Libraries & Nonprofits


Completing the course

Nonprofit on  increasing retention rates

Starting a private practice



What is mental health


Mental Health Awareness Month

Creating Content about Mental Health Internally 

A Little Look into Lindsay's Story

Lindsay's father is an Irish-immigrant who moved to the U.S. in his late 20's and met her mother. Lindsay was raised in the Chicagoland area with her younger brother and sister. Lindsay is a proud first generation college graduate. Lindsay is also proud of her brother who served in the U.S. Marine Corps, Infantry, at 18 years old. 

Lindsay struggled with  Dyslexia, Anxiety, and ADHD throughout her life. She recognizes the impact early intervention had on her when it came to dyslexia. She also knows the impact of going undiagnosed with a mental health condition can have. Lindsay was diagnosed with ADHD while in graduate school. Therapy and insight helped Lindsay build her confidence and become the successful business women, therapist, and advocate today.

Becoming a therapist had changed Lindsay's understanding of the world and what we need. Like all of us there are many depths to Lindsay's story and she looks forward to the opportunity of sharing her story and education with you.

Come baby-step your way through understanding MENTAL HEALTH with her!


A Note to Her Community

"I would like to take a moment to say thank you to every one of my followers and supporters. When it comes to my work as a therapist I learned early on that growth can be uncomfortable. We are able to sit in that un-comfortability best when we have a strong support system. I have had extreme privilege in the space of support. I am one person but I have the strength of many behind me, 530k to be exact! As my career continues to flourish, and new challenges continue to rise I have more and more people in my corner. This note is a reminder to turn away from competing with those around you and instead lift each other up. When the people in our circle, and our community, do well, we all do well! So thank you for supporting me and each success I have. I share with you, because you are the reason it is all possible! You guys are the best and you know I have to say it! Keep baby-stepping your way to bettering your mental health. I know you will also continue to grow and flourish in our own strengths and desires!

-Love, Lindsay"