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Playing with Mobile Phone

Parents & caregivers

Do you want to understand social media better?

Do you feel stuck when it comes to understanding setting limits with screen time?

Do you worry how social media is impacting your teens mental health?


Then this workshop is for you! 


For parents to learn about social media and teen mental health. The virtual workshop will consist of a 45 minute lecture followed by a 45 minute Q&A. You will also receive a downloadable workbook with more information and prompts to help you implement what you learn! Topics covered: Overview of social media and the differnt types teens use Positive & negatives of social meida The impact on teen mental health Topics to discuss with your teen & how to Boundaries & parenting related to social media Question & Answer: You will be able to pre submit questions you have about social media. Lindsay will answer these questions during the Q & A portion of the workshop. If time, Lindsay will also answer any questions that come up throughout the workshop at the end.

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